TC Energy is still cleaning up an oil spill in Kansas

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TC Éenergy cleans still an oil leak in Kansas

Specialized teams are busy cleaning up one of the largest oil spills in the United States, which occurred in Washington County, Kansas.

Environmental specialists and Feds from as far away as Mississippi are on the ground in Washington County, Kansas to help clean up and understand the reasons behind one of the biggest oil spills in the United States in almost 10 years. years.

Calgarian company TC Energy had to shut down its Keystone pipeline last Wednesday after experiencing a drop in pressure as 14,000 barrels of oil leaked.

The spill occurred. ;is produced in a rural area of ​​about 5,500 people.

Federal investigators are trying to determine why the 36-inch pipeline broke when about 100 workers operated heavy machinery in temperatures approaching 0 degrees Celsius.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is tracking the cleanup, spokeswoman Kellen Ashford said. According to the US Pipeline Safety Office (PHMSA), TC Energy shut down the pipeline seven minutes after an alarm sounded.

Meanwhile, Washington County residents who live near the polluted site, located 20 miles south of Steele City, Nebraska, are reporting a strong smell of petroleum.

“You could feel it first thing in the morning, it was terrible. Things break, pipelines break, trains derail.

— Dana Cecrle, 56, a resident of Washington County

TC Energy plans to restart a segment of the Keystone pipeline on Saturday, according to a Bloomberg News report that Reuters does not could not confirm.

This is the third time thousands of barrels of oil have spilled from the Keystone Pipeline since it opened in 2010. Another leak forced the 4,324 km pipeline to suspend operations for about two weeks.


That's life, says 70-year-old Carol Hollingsworth, who lives in the nearby community of Hollenberg. We have to have oil.

The leak did not threaten drinking water and residents did not have to evacuate the area, underlines Randy Hubbard, the coordinator emergency measures for Washington County.

The Keystone Pipeline transports crude oil from Alberta to Nebraska. It then splits to go on one side to Illinois and on the other to the refineries in Texas. It is TC Energy's main pipeline in North America. If the pipeline shutdown goes on too long, Canadian oil could find itself at a bottleneck in Alberta.

With information from Reuters

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