Teachers demonstrate in Quebec

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Teachers demonstrate in Quebec

Teachers, professionals and support staff demonstrated in front of the Prime Minister's office in Quebec City.

Sixty teachers, professionals and support staff from the school network demonstrated early Wednesday morning in front of the office of the first minister in Quebec.

They made a human chain in front of the Honoré-Mercier building with flashlights in their hands to symbolize a glimmer of hope in the school network staff.

The union members wanted to send a message to the government, which must respond on Thursday to the union demands filed at the end of October.

The problems, we know them. They have been described and observed for years. Now, we really want to be able to sit down with the employer party and be looking for concrete solutions to put into action quickly, launches the president of the Federation of education unions, Josée Scalabrini.


The main demands of teachers relate to the overload of work and the composition of classes.

We are coming out of a negotiation that does not; was not easy. Yes, there was a salary increase, but the teachers told us: "in the class, it hasn't changed anything in our daily lives", mentions Josée Scalabrini.

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