Teachers will have to take personal sick leave in the event of COVID-19 | Coronavirus

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Teachers will be required to take personal sick leave due to COVID-19 | Coronavirus

Even if health measures are lifted in schools, public health still recommends self-isolation for five days in the event of a test positive for COVID-19.

Teachers who must be absent due to COVID-19 will now have to dip into their personal sick leave bank, warn school service centers. However, teachers have a personal leave bank of six days, while the period of isolation recommended by public health in the event of infection is five days.

It's a bit of disarray, it's the inconsistency that throws us a little on the ground, indicates the president of the Autonomous Federation of Education (FAE), Mélanie Hubert, in an interview Tuesday morning on the show First the news on ICI RDI.

According to her, the message sent to teachers is contradictory.

“On the one hand, the government is telling us [that] it's back to normal at school [..] But d on the other hand, public health tells us that we must continue to isolate ourselves. »

— Mélanie Hubert, President of the Autonomous Federation of Education

But to comply with public health isolation instructions, teachers no longer have the holidays that went with them until last year, laments Ms. Hubert.

< p class="e-p">She points out that the instructions vary from one school service center to another, and often from one establishment to another as well. The government left the service centers to themselves with the problem.

“Our collective agreement allows service centers to authorize absences for reasons they may deem valid, but it comes with a dollar sign, since the teacher is paid at home [and] there will be a teacher paid in the classroom. »

— Mélanie Hubert, President of the Autonomous Federation of Education

She explains that the government has not guaranteed the amounts to authorize leaves, so from one service center to another, everyone makes their own choices, and sometimes from one school to another, the principals make their choice too.

While Ms. Hubert does not know the number of teachers who are currently affected by COVID-19, she recalls that the authorities will start counting cases in schools again , which was not the case until now. According to her, this demonstrates that some importance must be given to COVID-19.

She asks the Government of Quebec to send a clear line, from above, to restore the functioning that was happening until last year, that is to say to allow teachers to be absent and to not having to dip into their [leave] bank to do so.

Some teachers might stop testing themselves, or even stop self-isolating for five days and still show up at their place of work with a mask to avoid dipping into their sick leave bank.

Last year, school service centers granted paid leave in the event of COVID-19 infection.

Teachers want teachers to be allowed to work from home, and that so they can get paid to do chores from home.

“We just learned that if a teacher against COVID, his isolation will be deducted from his sick leave bank… without the possibility of teleworking (reserved only for CSSS office staff).

— François-Olivier Loignon, music teacher, on Twitter

He adds that teachers are faced with a beautiful dilemma: pay for their isolation or endanger their colleagues. It's insulting.

He claims that it might take more consideration/valuation of teachers, you have a good example right there, he wrote on Twitter.

With information from Martine Defoy

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