Teen pimp sentenced to 5 years in prison

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A teenage pimp ;n is sentenced to 5 years in prison

Xavier Hébert was 17 when he committed his crimes. Despite everything, he was given an adult sentence.

A young pimp from Lévis is sentenced to five years in prison, even if ;he committed his crimes when he was a minor.

Xavier Hébert was given an adult sentence on Monday morning for training two young women in prostitution.

He had also tried to enlist two teenage girls, when he himself was 17 years old.

Xavier Hébert already has several records in juvenile court .

Judge Dominic Pagé of the youth court has therefore decided that an adult sentence is now necessary, against the young man of 19 years.

In addition to the pimping charges, Hébert is also convicted of robbery and drug trafficking.

Because of preventive detention, he he has two and a half years left to serve.

The maximum sentence for procuring is 14 years in prison in Adult Court, while it cannot exceed two years, in Youth room.

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