Telekom plans that for 2021

Telekom plans that for 2021

Telekom plans that for 2021

Telekom CEO Tim Höttges and his two board members Srini Gopalan (new for the German business) and Claudia Nemat (technology) presented the messages from Telekom. The core of the message: Telekom wants to expand even faster in 2021 with both fiber optics and 5G.

Two million households can currently get real fiber optic connections from Telekom. These networks, known as FTTH, for which Telekom came up with the term “fiber optic T-er”, require construction work for each individual apartment. After doubling the number of new fiber optic connections to 500,000 lines this year, an average of two million households will get the fast connection from next year. It can be used to offer both normal DSL speeds and Gigabit connections.

2030: fiber optics for everyone

Telekom’s goal is for all households in Germany to have direct access to the fiber optic network by 2030. The company will contribute by far the largest share of this. Telekom’s competitors are also in demand. In some cases, Telekom also wants to work with them. Telekom has already announced such partnerships for north-west Germany with EWE Tel or in Münster with Stadtwerke Münster.

5G for everyone – with restrictions

In mobile communications, the signs point to 5G. Or in Telecom Marketing Speech on T-5G. About two thirds – 67 percent – of the people in Germany can now use the most modern cellular technology in the Telekom network, according to Telekom. 45,000 antennas are already transmitting on 5G. Here, too, Deutsche Telekom wants to expand rapidly. In the coming year, 80 percent of the people in Germany should be reached with 5G. As announced, it should be 99 percent by 2025.

Outside the big cities, however, these are comparatively slow 5G networks that are implemented on the old UMTS frequencies. Gigabit data rates, which were once used as a quasi-synonym for 5G, cannot be achieved with it. In addition, many 5G cell phones cannot use the Telekom 5G network because certain frequency combinations that are required for this are not available in the network. According to Telekom information, the problem should be done gradually. Gigabit via 5G is currently available in 13 cities.

Telekom boss Höttges again defended Telekom’s path of initially building up VDSL across the board and only now starting on a large scale with fiber optic connections. If this intermediate step had been omitted, which allows households between 50 and 250 Mbit / s, depending on the connection, home office with video conferences would not have been possible across the board, says Höttges.

New fiber optic speed port and 2 Gbit / s modem

Telekom is now offering the new Speedport Smart 4 Plus. The speed port can be connected directly to a fiber optic and has an integrated fiber optic modem. The device is also the first router with an OLED display that shows information about the functions. With Wi-Fi 6, it already has the latest WLAN technology on board and supports Mesh WLAN with other telecommunications components.

There is also a new device for existing speed ports or routers without a built-in fiber optic modem: the fiber optic modem 2 for flexible connection of a speed port router to fiber optic connections from Telekom. It supports connection bandwidths of up to 2 Gigabit / s and is expected to be available in February 2021. Telekom does not yet offer tariffs for this.

Telekom plans that for 2021

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Telekom plans that for 2021

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