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Telephone canvassing: here is a little-known tip to fight against this scourge

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Abusive telephone canvassing is still part of the daily lives of the French. According to a recent study by UFC-Que Choisir, 72% of respondents say they receive at least one call per week from telephone advisors. Worse, 38% are solicited every day by unscrupulous canvassers.

A weapon against abusive canvassing

Faced with this sad reality, there is an often overlooked trick. As RMC Conso rightly point out, it is in fact now possible to report telephone canvassing from operators posing as administrations on the Signal Conso site of the Directorate General for Competition, Consumption and Fraud Repression (DGCCRF). An option that comes at the right time as scams of this type are multiplying everywhere in the country.

Recently, scammers have notably taken the habit of contacting individuals by posing as the Department of Energy. This is not the case, and they are just trying to sell their photovoltaic panels. Vigilance therefore, but you can now report these unscrupulous actors.

Once this process has been completed, the professional who committed such acts will be contacted and questioned. In particular, he must specify what he intends to do to compensate you or to repair a possible malfunction. You will then be interviewed to see if the company kept its word and if the connection was successful.

Other methods against calls unwanted

It is therefore one more weapon against cold calling. And it's not the only one. As we indicated in a previous article, the government has imposed new codes for these companies. So, if the number starts with 0162, 0163, 0270, 0271, 0377, 0378, 0424, 0425, 0568, 0569, 0948 or 0949, it is necessarily cold calling and you can avoid these calls.

Likewise, certain Tech giants are mobilizing against these nuisances. This is the case of Microsoft which unveiled an extremely promising tool during the last Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. Called Azure Operator Call Protection, it notifies the user when a suspicious call is detected. To find out more about this, you can re-read our dedicated article here.

What to remember:

  • You can now report canvassing abusive telephone call on the Signal Conso service
  • The professionals in question will then be questioned and will have to rectify the situation
  • The resistance is organized in the face of these nuisances which are ruining the lives of many French people

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