Teletubbies: the nightmare continues on Netflix with a first trailer

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Teletubbies, the favorite show for parents and adored by toddlers, returns to Netflix.

Why experience- Is there so much hatred for Teletubbies? Undoubtedly because of negative preconceptions that cloud our judgment, our intrinsic ability to distinguish the wheat from the chaff, a real educational interest and a mind-numbing program. We must not forget the importance of certain cartoons in the pedagogical learning of young people, such as the excellent The Revenge of the Humanoidss.

Just like the work of Albert Barillé, Teletubbies is part of a vast plan cleverly developed with the aim of awakening our dear little blond or dark heads to adulthood. The characters of the series would not stain in a feature film by Hayao Miyazaki because their complex psychology makes you think, even when you are three years old. A work of such quality should not remain far from our screens for long. And good news, Teletubbies is coming back to Netflix. The platform has just proudly unveiled the trailer devoted to the adventures of Tinky Winky, Dispy and Po.

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Once again, the protagonists will have to solve devious puzzles while instilling in its young audience the elementary basics of thinking and structures of language necessary for its development. The staging should once again demonstrate ingenuity, aided by the chiseled script of legendary creators.

The first images by the way of this trailer confirm these suppositions. The few extracts testify to a great artistic direction, that of an enchanting world that has nothing to envy to Spirited Away. The dialogues, meanwhile, seem sufficiently elaborate for children to learn essential concepts without experiencing the slightest boredom and especially the slightest difficulty. Proof that Teletubbies should be viewed in all schools.

It is therefore with undisguised pleasure (if) that we welcome the return of Teletubbies to our screens. We also hope for a future feature film devoted to these timeless heroes and a dozen spin-offs on the vacuum cleaner. In the meantime, you can find these adorable protagonists on Netflix, this November 14, 2022.

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