Telework: Keys for the proper performance of your duties

Telework: Keys for the proper performance of your duties

Telework: Keys for the proper performance of your duties

A professional during her teleworking day.

The telecommuting suffered a boom during confinement by the coronavirus in Spain. To date, few workers performed their remote workday. However, the pandemic and its continual restrictions meant that, in many cases, teleworking was here to stay. Hence, many companies resorted to this formula with their staff, in order to maintain their activity and ensure and guarantee the safety of their staff. In fact, a considerable number of workers in Spain began to carry out their I work from home in March 2020 and as of today they have not yet returned to their physical job. Specifically, according to data from the EPA, at the end of 2020 there was a record number in relation to the teleworking in Spain. Specifically, an increase of more than one million remote workers, with respect to the figures registered on the same dates in the previous year.

Telework contract

Against this background, the teleworking law in Spain was also approved, which regulates the terms and hiring of remote staff. According to the teleworking law, the telecommuting agreement must be in writing, and may be incorporated into the initial employment contract or carried out at a later time. In any case, it must be formalized before the start of the remote work.

The company must provide the union representation with a copy of all distance work agreements that are made and their updates within a period not exceeding ten days from their formalization, which will be signed in order to prove that the delivery has taken place. Subsequently, said copy will be sent to the office of job. When there is no legal representation of workers, a basic copy must also be formalized and sent to the employment office.

Without prejudice to the regulation contained in this regard in the collective agreements, the distance work agreement must include, among other points, the inventory of means, equipment and tools, including consumables and movable items, and listing of items expenses that the worker may have due to the fact of providing services at a distance, as well as the form of quantification of the compensation that the company must pay and the moment and form to carry it out.

Tips for working from home

When a telework day good planning is essential, as well as a adequate space to work from home.

Therefore, it is advisable to follow a series of routines in terms of schedules and execution of tasks. The fundamental premise for the good performance of teleworking is the organizationEither that of the worker himself at an individual level, or that of the rest of the team. In this sense, the work meetings by videoconference for assigning and tracking tasks. In the same vein of productivity in teleworking, technological tools are the indispensable ally for the proper execution of telework, so the use, knowledge, availability and proper functioning of them is decisive.

Last but not least it is necessary to have a adequate space for teleworking. The fact of working from home does not mean that this task can be carried out from anywhere. A series of equipment is required, such as a comfortable work table and chair, good natural and artificial lighting, as well as having a private area in which to be able to concentrate and work without noise or distractions.

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