Temperatures lower and lower. When can the heating season start?

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When will the heating season start?

Temperatures are getting lower. When can we expect the start of the heating season

According to the “Super Express” portal, the vision of winter raises concerns in many people. No wonder, it's getting colder outside the windows, just like in the apartments. Many people ask themselves when does the heating period begin? Some Poles can already boast of warm radiators. What does the start of the heating season depend on?

When does the heating season start?

The high prices of fuel for heating homes make many people fear the upcoming heating season. Many cooperatives have decided to limit the heating of common parts in buildings, such as, for example, staircases. There is no specific date when it is to start at the turn of September and October.

Increasing temperatures lower. When can the heating season start

Pursuant to the legal regulations in force, the heating season should begin when “weather conditions require continuous heat supply to heat the facility”. It follows from an unwritten rule that the heating should be turned on when the air temperature drops below 10 degrees Celsius for three consecutive days.

The final decision in this regard depends on the decision of the cooperative and the building manager although in an overwhelming number of cases, it is made on the basis of the prevailing atmospheric conditions. Some heating plants decide to install sensors that automatically react to changes in the weather and drops below the set temperature value.

There is also no fixed date on which to co-operate should stop heating. This often happens at the end of April, although like the season start, the end of the season depends on weather conditions.

 The temperatures are getting lower. When can the-start of the heating season be expected

Are your radiators already warm in your homes?

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