Ten years since the gang rape in India that shocked the world

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 Ten years since the gang rape in India that shocked the world

Four over executed by hanging, a fifthcommitted suicide in the fifth area. and the sixth, who was the youngest when the events occurred, is already there. He was released from after spending a few years in a reform school. It is the fate of the six men in this decadethat, in a multiple rape that shocked her. To the entire world, one after another they sexually assaulted a young woman on a moving bus while she was returning with a friend from the cinema. It happened in New Delhi, the capital of India, on December 16, 2012, exactly ten years ago. Jyoti Singu, 23 years old, could not overcome the very serious injuries caused by his attackers -helped by an iron bar- and died 12 days later in a hospital in Singapore.

The determination of asked the young woman, who, half dying, made an effort to for describing her attackers to the police for arrest, she earned him the pseudonym 'Nirbhaya' -brave, without fear'. And his life served & oacute; to make the modification of the laws that penalize rape in the country a reality. Sentences were tougher, fast-track courts were established, and the death penalty was extended > to those guilty of multiple violations . Protests spread across the country.

“Nothing has changed”

But Asha Devi, the mother of the murdered young woman, who has made his drama a lifetime of activism, the changes, ambitious on paper, have not been reflected in reality. “Nothing has changed, nothing has improved”, declares to the Efe news agency at his home in New Delhi from where the victim left. her daughter, a physiotherapy student, never to return. A large display case protects the moments of ten years of activism, among which a glass cube with the signature of Michelle Obama stands out, as Efe has verified during the visit to the house. The girl's father, Badrinath Singh, Badrinath Singh, corroborates the perception of stagnation: “We are in the same place we were in 2012.”

Ten years of gang-rape Multiple in India that shocked the world

The parents of the young victim of a multiple rape ten years ago in India, photographed at their home in New Delhi.


According to the National Agency According to the Crime Registry (NCRB), a total of 428,278 cases of crimes against women were registered in India in 2021, which represents an increase of 15.3% compared to 2020. corresponds to 7.4% of these crimes. Another piece of information that makes clear the scale of the problem is that 64 crimes were registered for every 100,000 women, a crime rate ten points higher to that of the previous period.

Ten years since the gang rape in India that shocked the world

Although violence against women, in its most brutal forms, continues to be a constant in the Asian country, the case of Jyoti Singhu -argues her mother – has served to raise awareness among younger women: “If there has been a small change, it is in the mentality of our girls in their aspiration for justice, security and rights”.