Tennis Net Cap: Anton Popov v Nikita Trofimov live stream, preview, betting tips

Tennis Net Cap: Anton Popov v Nikita Trofimov live stream, preview, betting tips
Anton Popov v Nikita Trofimov. Prediction for Table Tennis Net Cap (March 25, 2020)

Among the many matches on March 25 at the table tennis tournament will be a match between Anton Popov and Nikita Trofimov. We offer a forecast for the outcome of the match.

Anton Popov
On March 25, Anton Popov will play only the second time at the Seth Cap tournament. On March 23, a tennis player performed for the first time in these competitions. It didn’t work out very well. Managed to win only two of the five matches.

At his first start, Popov played against Trofimov. A serious fight did not work, the more experienced Trofimov controlled the match and won in four games (11-8, 11-3, 7-11, 11-5).

Nikita Trofimov
Regularly speaking at tournaments Setka Cap Nikita Trofimov . At the last two tournaments on March 17 and 23, the tennis player in his group took first place.

The last start at Trofimov on Setka Kap was March 23. I won all five fights then. Including then there was a victory over Popov.

Trofimov won the only personal meeting.
At the last two starts in the Net, Cap Trofimov won nine out of ten fights.
On the account of Popov in Setka Cap there are only five matches in which he won two victories.

Two days ago, tennis players played among themselves. The more experienced Trofimov confidently figured out his rival. At the current segment of the season in March, Nikita Trofimov performs well and deservedly goes as a favorite in the line of bookmakers. We offer a forecast for the victory of the favorite.

Our forecast is Trofimov’s victory for a coefficient of 1.63 in BC Marathon.

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