Terrible diet: She ate at McDonald’s three times a day and lost 15 kg

Жуткая диета: Девушка ела в McDonald's трижды в день и похудела на 15 кг

Terrible diet: She ate at McDonald’s three times a day and lost 15 kg Author: Anastasia of Bielsko McDonald’s diet Taiwan

The woman from Taiwan has lost 15 pounds in less than a year — and says that all the time ate only at McDonald’s.

It would seem that someone among us has not dreamed to drop pounds by eating only French fries, but do not hurry to rejoice: it is not so simple.

As explained by the character of the story, who wished to remain anonymous, she works in a McDonald’s and eats there three times a day. The girl is not too worried about his appearance until then, until I overheard a colleague who criticized her weight.

“I heard one of the workers resents the fact that I have the courage to walk in a skirt with such thick legs. — says the girl — In a sense, it is thanks to her I now I look how I look”.

She noted that not pounce on everything since then as a diet. On the contrary, there are strict rules that she always follows.

“I don’t even touch the fries, fried chicken skins, Apple pie, buns from the burgers or drinks with sugar. — says the girl — I only eat meat from burgers, lettuce, eggs, chicken wings and fried chicken”.

It complements physical exercises — Jogging and going to the gym — and when he wants to sweet, allow yourself to drink a Coke Zero or green tea. According to the girl, after a month the size of her clothes was reduced from M to S.

“Do not sit on a diet — she advises others losing weight if you stop eating to lose weight, you may then not be able to eat normally again.”

“There are so many delicious. You make a mistake by abandoning it.”

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