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Tesla CEO announces global electricity shortage on this date

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Not a week goes by without the big Elondoes not make a statement that goes against Tesla's interests. Last week, we learned that he was taking ketamine, a particularly dangerous dissociative drug.

If the richest man in the world thinks that this does not affect his performance, the stock market rating of Tesla was not necessarily impacted by the news. Even more recently, Elon stood out at the Bosch Connected World, a conference where he announced a next global electricity shortage.

But Elon, your cars are not electric& ;nbsp;?

According to Musk, the demand for electricity is increasing, to the point that from next year, the supply will not be able to meet humanity's growing needs for electricity. regarding this energy. This particularly calls into question the significant use of AI, but also of electric mobility.

Indeed, the possibility of generating sufficient electricity if the entire French automobile fleet became electric was already a question that had been asked on Presse- lemon here.

Tesla CEO announces global electricity shortage on this date

© Twitter/Emmanuel Macron < p>But the fact that the CEO of Tesla puts his finger on a problem partly caused by electric cars even though he is the biggest seller of this technology throughout the world, it's still very strange…

What solutions exist to counter this future shortage ?

Obviously, if Elon is ready to send out a warning message when said message is rather against his personal interests, that’ ;#8217;there is reason to worry.

According to him, if we want to continue to progress in the areas of AI as well as in the field of cars without polluting emissions, we will have to act immediately. For this, Musk recommends investing in energy storage technologies, electrical networks and more generally in this type of energy.

We recognize more here the speech from the businessman who obviously has every interest in ensuring that the electrical infrastructures are sufficiently efficient in order to achieve the transition between thermal cars and electric cars. In any case, it is certain that we will have to act quickly to prevent the world from finding itself deprived of light.

  • During the Bosch Connected World conference, Elon Musk highlighted the ever-increasing use of artificial intelligence as well as electric mobility.
  • According to the CEO of Tesla , the world could experience a shortage of electricity production by 2025 if nothing is done immediately.
  • Elon believes that we should invest now in energy storage technologies, electrical networks and more generally in this type of energy.

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