Tesla on autopilot became involved in hundreds of accidents: an investigation has been launched

Tesla autopilot involved in hundreds of accidents: investigation launched

In 2021-2022, 273 accidents were recorded involving Tesla on autopilot. This figure is much higher than other brands equipped with similar systems.

Crashes involving Tesla electric cars on autopilot have become so frequent that they have attracted the attention of the US government. The National Highway Traffic Safety Agency (NHTSA) has launched an investigation into the causes of the accidents, Carscoops reports.

Interim results of the investigation have already been published in the NHTSA report – it contains statistics on accidents involving fully unmanned vehicles, as well as cars moving on autopilot. The data is taken for 2021-2022, because since last year, the agency has obliged all automakers to provide information about accidents involving cars in autopilot mode.

Tesla on autopilot involved in hundreds of accidents: investigation launched

In total, 392 such accidents were recorded, of which 116 involved other cars, pedestrians were injured in three, and a cyclist was injured in one. Fatalities or serious injuries were noted in 11 accidents out of 98 analyzed (the statistics are still incomplete). It is also noted that 125 accidents occurred in California.

For Tesla, the NHTSA information turned out to be bleak. The matter is that 273 road accidents are the share of cars of the American brand. Honda is in second place with a large lag (90 accidents), and Subaru is in third place – 10. Ford had 5 accidents, Toyota – 4, and General Motors – 2.

We studied the statistics of car accidents separately with a full-fledged autopilot – test prototypes, as well as the first unmanned taxis. There were 130 such accidents, and almost half of them were Google's Waymo drones.

The NHTSA notes that a large number of accidents involving the Tesla autopilot may be due to the fact that it is already installed on 825,970 electric cars, then like General Motors' Super Cruise semi-autonomous driving system is only on 34,000 cars. On the other hand, 560,000 cars are equipped with Nissan ProPilot technology and not a single accident has been recorded with its participation.

In addition, NHTSA found that in a number of accidents, the Tesla autopilot turned off just a second before the collision. These facts require further study. They can not only spoil the Tesla statistics even more, but also call into question the reliability of the system, which turns off in an extreme situation.

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