Tesla to pay $10.5 million in damages to relatives of crash victims


Tesla will pay $10 .5 million compensation to the relatives of the accident victim

Tesla electric car got into an accident at a speed of 187 km/h. The court found that the deceased driver was to blame for the accident, but still decided to pay huge compensation to his family.

Tesla must pay $ 10.5 million to the family of 18-year-old Barret Riley, who died in an accident while driving an electric car. This decision was made by a jury in the city of Fort Lauderdale. This was reported by Bloomberg.

Avkaria happened in 2018. Barret Riley drove his parents' Tesla Model S to 187 km/h in an area that had a 40 km/h speed limit.

Tesla will pay $10.5 million in compensation to the relatives of the accident victim

Accident happened when trying to overtake another car in a turn – the cars collided and the Tesla caught fire. Barret Riley and his passenger died on the spot.

The parents of the deceased claimed that the accident occurred due to the fact that Tesla turned off the auto speed limiter without their knowledge, which was set at 135 km/h. During the trial, it turned out that Barret Riley himself did this, turning to a familiar mechanic. Moreover, before the accident, he managed to earn a fine for driving at a speed of 180 km/h.

The father of the deceased, James Riley, said in court that Elon Musk called him after the accident and apologized for the disabled speed limiter. However, lawyers denied this. The jury found that 90% of the fault in the accident lay with Barret Riley, but they still awarded $10.5 million in compensation to his parents.


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