Texans file complaint for abortions refused despite risks

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Texan women file lawsuit over abortions denied despite risk

The lawsuit asks the court to “clarify the scope of the exceptions”.

Five American women have filed a complaint against the anti-abortion laws in force in Texas, a conservative state. (File photo)

Five Texas residents, who were denied voluntary terminations of pregnancy (abortion) despite serious complications, filed a lawsuit on Monday evening against the laws against -abortion in effect in this vast conservative state.

This is the first complaint filed by women who have been denied abortions since the United States Supreme Court slashed abortion rights in June, according to the x27;organization Center for Reproductive Rights which represents them.

It contains chilling, direct testimonies of women who nearly lost their lives after being refused care, suffered moved Democratic Vice President Kamala Harris, who supported them on Tuesday in a statement.

Kamala Harris supported the plaintiffs in a statement. (File photo)

These women, who will speak during the day at a press conference, wanted to carry their pregnancies to term, but had discovered , in medical examinations, that their fetus was not viable.

In their complaint, they claim that their doctors refused to perform abortions despite the risk of bleeding and infection.

They attribute their reluctance to the various laws prohibiting abortion in Texas, one of which provides up to 99 years in prison for doctors who defy the ban.

These laws provide for exceptions in the event of danger of death or serious handicap for the mother, but according to the plaintiffs, they are too vague.

One ​​of Amanda Zurawski, 35, had her waters rupture at 17 weeks pregnant, far too early for the fetus to survive. Her hospital, however, waited until she showed signs of infection three days later before expelling the fetus.

According to the complaint, she suffered from sepsis, spent several days in intensive care and lost one of her tubes as a result of this refusal of care.

Another , Lauren Miller, was pregnant with twins when she learned that one of the two fetuses was not viable.

Despite the risks to her own health and the development of the other fetus, the medical personnel would not proceed with the abortion of the non-viable fetus and she had to travel to Colorado, at her own expense, to obtain this procedure.

Still pregnant, she is due to give birth at the end of the month.

At 18 weeks pregnant, Lauren Hall had discovered that her fetus had no skull and could not survive. She had to go to Seattle to obtain an abortion.

Unlike other complaints filed by doctors or associations since June, this action does not address the ban on abortion, but calls on the courts to clarify the scope of the exceptions.

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