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Thanks to Anker SOLIX, make huge savings on your electricity bills!

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For years, solar energy has been popular. More and more residents want to save money, both for their wallets and for the planet. Thus, in the thriving market for solar kits, Anker SOLIX is an essential brand. Indeed, the firm has been demonstrating all its know-how for several years with truly effective and revolutionary solutions.

After the success of the first generation of Solarbank solar kits, Anker SOLIX is striking a blow with new models. They are smarter and more efficient than ever! The brand has just presented two intelligent solar solutions with battery: Solarbank 2 Plus and Solarbank 2 Pro.

These two new models offer optimal energy management, to best meet the growing needs of households and to reduce waste at each stage, from production to use. Thanks to Anker SOLIX, you will be able to produce green energy from home and reduce your energy bills. Especially since at the moment, there are exceptional introductory offers of up to 22% on and on . But it’is almost over… Take advantage of it before this Sunday, June 30, 2024! It's now or never!

Anker SOLIX Solarbank 2 Pro, the solar energy revolution

Balconies, roof terraces, gardens, roofs… It doesn’t matter! Anker SOLIX promises remarkably powerful solar kits with its two Solarbank 2 Pro models. Each of them is equipped with advanced features to maximize solar energy. The Pro version is equipped with four MPPT regulators of 600 watts each. Thus, the Anker SOLIX Solarbank 2 Pro kit is capable of providing a total power of 2400 watts. This is the very first solar battery kit in the world to achieve such power!

The Plug&Play system of the Solarbank 2 series makes it accessible to everyone. You don't need any special technical skills to install your solar kit: it's done in less than two hours. As the Solarbank 2 series is made of aluminum and is IP65 certified, it withstands extreme conditions and is capable of operating between -20°C and 55°C.

To go further, you can connect four solar modules in parallel to maximize solar energy and strengthen your solar panel kit.

Additional batteries are available. They allow you to store ever more energy: up to 9.6 kWh for the Plus and Pro versions. Anker SOLIX has thought about the long term. The batteries of these two solutions retain 70% of their initial performance even after more than 6000 charge cycles thanks to lithium-iron-phosphate technology. To put it simply, Solarbank 2 offers a lifespan of more than 15 years. For its part, the brand guarantees them for 10 years.

In order to avoid additional and totally unnecessary cables, the Solarbank 2 Plus and Solarbank 2 Pro integrate a microinverter into the main battery. You can also add a smart meter which is capable of automatically adjusting the power according to your consumption. Enough to truly optimize the use of the electricity produced. The system communicates in real time via WiFi or Bluetooth to adjust its power in less than 3 seconds with remarkable precision. This allows you to save up to 631 euros per year. It would be a shame not to be tempted.

Exceptional launch offers on Solarbank 2 Plus and Pro

The complete Anker SOLIX Solarbank 2 (Plus or Pro) kit includes suitable solar panels, the smart meter and the additional battery. If you are already adequately equipped, you can simply opt for the Solarbank 2 E1600 Pro or Plus.

Until Sunday June 30, 2024 at 11:59 p.m., you can benefit from a reduction of up to 22% on the Anker SOLIX Solarbank 2 E1600 series. Under certain conditions, you are entitled to promotional offers and gifts. If you opt for the Solarbank 2 E1600 Pro or the Solarbank 2 E1600 Plus before June 30, 2024 at 11:59 p.m. you will receive a free smart meter, worth €129. It would be a real shame not to take advantage of it.

Single, the Solarbank 2 Pro costs you 1399 euros instead of 1599 euros. These offers can be found on and on the . Hurry and grab these unique launch offers!

Other kits are obviously available on the site, such as the Garden kit (including the Solarbank 2 E1600 Pro, 3 additional batteries, 4 540 W panels, the smart meter and the ground mounting brackets (4 pairs) ), and the Balcony kit (Solarbank 2 Pro solar kit update, 2 435 W solar panels, smart meter and balcony brackets (2 pairs)).

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