Thanks to these simple rules, clematis in your garden will delight. How to properly grow a plant


How to make clematis bloom beautifully?

 Thanks to these simple rules, clematis in your garden will delight. How to properly grow a plant

According to the portal “Deccoria”, flowering clematis, also known as Clematis, is often chosen for home gardens. There is nothing strange about this. This perennial plant has beautiful flowers. How to grow and care for them so that the plant will pay back with flowering? in the ground, but also in pots or boxes – although it feels better in the ground. Currently, there are many varieties of plants on the market, and although they are visually different from each other, they are characterized by quite similar requirements in cultivation.

When choosing a position for them, make sure that their roots are in the shade, and the above-ground part of the plant in a sunny position, or possibly in shade. As a rule, clematis is planted in the soil in spring or autumn, although it can also be done in summer – in this case, however, it is necessary to ensure frequent watering.

In summer, the clematis should be watered regularly, otherwise the plants may dry out. ; no shoots as well as roots. It is worth remembering that these plants require a constantly moist substrate – but it must not be too flooded.

In spring it is worth using a nitrogen nave to support plant growth. In summer, it is worth using potassium fertilizers, which will help the plant to flower better, and phosphorus fertilizers, which will improve the appearance of flowers.

Clematises require support. It can be used by single stakes, bars, pergolas and even a tree. Clematis comes in many different varieties, varying in the shape of flowers, their size and color, which will make everyone find something for themselves.

And you have some proven ways to do it. perfect looking clematis?


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