Thanksgiving dinner costs 12% more than in 2021

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The Thanksgiving meal is 12% more expensive than in 2021

Food price inflation hit 10.8% in August compared to the same period a year earlier, the fastest rise since 1981 .

The cost of a classic Thanksgiving dinner, roast turkey with all the trimmings, will run $203.95 this year for a family of four. This represents an increase of about 12% over last year, when this cost was $181.75, according to figures collected from Statistics Canada and food retailers.

Among the contributing factors is food cost inflation, which reached 10.8% in August compared to the same time of year latest, the fastest rise since 1981.

To adapt to this new situation, some Canadians are modifying their menu in order to spend less. According to the results of an Angus Reid survey dated September 30, almost a quarter of respondents, or 22% of respondents, say they are considering changing their Thanksgiving meal due to the rise in food prices.

Dietitian and nutrition expert Abby Langer believes that the high cost of turkeys may even lead some to prefer a large chicken.< /p>

She also suggests that people who manage to get a turkey at an affordable price consider making several meals after Thanksgiving. If you manage to buy a large turkey, you can freeze some of the meat, boil the carcass to make soup, and make lots of meals with the rest.

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While some people opt for sobriety, others simply can't live up to the Thanksgiving tradition for lack of means.

< p class="e-p">Times are really tough, says Kirstin Beardsley, president of Food Banks Canada. More people are turning to food banks than ever before.

She adds that many food banks in Canada will be providing the ingredients for a holiday meal.

Kirstin Beardsley notes, however, that food banks have seen a fairly significant drop in food donations during the pandemic, and that they need more community support, especially in times of holidays like Thanksgiving.

With information from The Canadian Press

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