That's what all those icons on your car dashboard want to tell you!


February 22, 2018, 13:58 | Auto

Useful cheat sheet.

This is what all these icons on the panel want to tell you your car!

Are you familiar with this situation: a symbol that you have never seen before suddenly starts flashing on the dashboard? And you have no idea what it means, reports Ukr.Media.

It is somehow inconvenient to ask, and there is no one. Is it urgent? Can it be postponed until tomorrow? Maybe call an emergency?

We decided to save you from this pain!

Our infographics have collected 64 of the most common dashboard symbols of different cars.

Now you you will be able not only to feel more confident behind the wheel, but also to show off your knowledge in front of other motorists!

So, remember! Or save:

That's what all those icons on your car dashboard want to tell you!

1. Fog lights (front).

2. Power steering failure.

3. Fog lights (rear).

4. Low windshield washer fluid level.

5. Wear of brake pads.

6. The cruise control icon is on.

7. Turn signals are included.

8. Rain and light sensor.

9. Winter mode.

10. Information message indicator.

11. Indication of glow plug operation.

12. Frost.

13. Contactless key detection indication.

14. No key detected.

15. The battery of the key needs to be replaced.

16. Dangerous distance reduction.

That's what all those icons on your car dashboard want to tell you!

17. Press the clutch pedal.

18. Press the brake pedal.

19. Locking the steering column.

20. Main beam.

21. Low tire pressure.

22. External lighting switch-on indicator.

23. Malfunction of external lighting.

24. The brake light does not work.

25. Particulate filter warning.

26. Hitch warning.

27. Air suspension warning.

28. Changing the traffic lane.

29. Catalyst overheating.

30. Not wearing a seat belt.

31. The parking brake is activated.

32. Battery failure.

That's what all those icons on your car's panel want to tell you!

33. Parking assistance system.

34. Maintenance is required.

35. Adaptive headlights.

36. Malfunction of automatic headlight tilting.

37. Malfunction of the rear spoiler.

38. Malfunction of the roof in a convertible.

39. Airbag error.

40. Malfunction of the handbrake.

41. Water in the fuel filter.

42. The airbag is deactivated.

43. Malfunction.

44. Dipped headlights.

45. Contamination of the air filter.

46. ​​Fuel economy mode.

47. Mountain descent assistance system.

48. Increased temperature.

That's what all these icons on your car panel want to tell you!

49. Malfunction of the anti-lock brake system.

50. Malfunction of the fuel filter.

51. The door is open.

52. Open hood.

53. Low fuel level.

54. Malfunction of the automatic gearbox.

55. Automatic speed limiter.

56. Suspension shock absorbers.

57. Low oil pressure.

58. Windshield heating.

59. Open trunk.

60. The stabilization system is disabled.

61. Rain sensor.

62. Engine failure.

63. Rear window heating.

64. Automatic windshield cleaning.

Tell all the car owners you know about it!


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