The 16-year-old defeats the Tadeusz Rydzyk foundation in court. What was it


The teenager proved to the whole of Poland that everyone is able to check where the public money goes.

The 16-year-old defeats Tadeusz Rydzyk's foundation in court. What went on

The media heard some time ago that the teenager sued Tadeusz Rydzyk's Lux Veritas foundation in court for failing to provide public information.

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The young man sent a letter to the foundation asking which institutions were credited to the foundation's account. As admitted later in one of the interviews, the foundation answered the question, but the answer was incomplete. The 16-year-old decided to take Tadeusz Rydzyk's foundation to court.

The teenager won against the cunning of the rich?

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As reported by super express, Maciej Rauhut demanded a list of payments made by state institutions or companies that supported Tadeusz Rydzyk's activities in the range from 2016 to the date of sending the application.

Now the media reports that 16 -year-old Maciej Rauhut won the trial, and by the verdict of the administrative provincial court, the lux veritas foundation is obliged to provide overdue information to the plaintiff and to cover the costs of court proceedings. In the event of failure to comply with the court judgment, the case will be referred to the prosecutor's office.

A year ago, I sent an e-mail to the Rydzyk Foundation with a request for public information containing a list of payments from state institutions or companies that ; re received in the period from 2016 to the date of sending the application. I received a reply, but incomplete, only excerpts. My point was to show people that everyone, even a child, can check what the state money is going for – the teenager explained his decision to sue Tadeusz Rydzyk and his foundation.


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