The 1937 painting depicts a “time traveler” with an iPhone. Conspiracy theorists rejoice

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  • The 1937 painting shows a time traveler with an iPhone. Conspiracy theorists rejoice

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The 1937 painting depicts a

Adherents of the existence of travel through time and space believe that their hour has struck – finally they have received evidence that people are able to move in time.

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If the Italian abstract artist Umberto Romano had known how much noise his painting “Mr. Pynchon and the settlement of Springfield” would make in 2022, he might have changed his mind about painting it. Conspiracy theorists from around the world saw in the work of the painter proof that people can really travel in time, writes the Daily Star.

The painting by Umberto Romano was painted in 1937. The master depicted on it the colonial trading scene in 17th century America. The painting depicts the barter of the English fur trader William Pynchon with Native Americans.

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The attention of the watchful eye of time travel lovers was attracted by a part of the picture in which a person holds something in his hands and looks into it, as if into his brand new iPhone. Conspiracy theorists paid attention not only to the mysterious object, but also to the way a person holds it in his hands – let's not argue, every second of us scrolls through the Facebook feed in his free time.

In the picture 1937 depicted

The 1937 painting shows a 'time traveler' with an iPhone. Conspiracy theorists are jubilant

Now the conspiracy theorists are jubilant—they have finally managed to get their hands on real proof that time travelers exist. Yes, they also use brand new iPhones.

However, scientists did not stand aside and smashed the theory of the conspirators to smithereens. Note that the fresco by Umberto Romano has not been touched for more than 80 years, from the moment it was painted. And the author of the work died back in 1982, 35 years before the release of the first iPhone – so how would he know what he looked like?

Experts say that the answer is quite simple – most likely, the picture depicts a person with a mirror. Yes, yes, you can look not only at the phone screen, but also in the mirror. The fact is that in the 17th century, merchants often traded in mirrors and, apparently, the person in the picture simply admires his reflection.