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The A13 motorway is back to normal, here are the dates for its reopening

The section of the A13 motorway between Vaucresson and Paris, closed for two months, will finally reopen to the delight of hundreds of thousands of motorists.

Here is news that will delight several hundred thousand motorists. The portion of the A13 motorway between Vaucresson and Paris will finally reopen. This stretch of around ten kilometers was closed. in both directions of traffic since April 19 following à the discovery of a fault caused by a landslide. A closure that was not achieved. without consequences for a very large number of French people who use this highway in western Paris daily to get to their workplaces.

A hell for some who, despite the few alternative routes lost even more time than usual in their cars in the morning and evening. Last May, one lane was closed. reopened but only for light vehicles. This time, the Prefect of Hauts-de-Seine, Laurent Hottiaux, announced; a next return &agrav; normal with the possibility of to travel on two lanes and in both directions of traffic between Paris and Vaucresson. This total reopening will be done in two stages.

From Thursday April 20 in the morning, è Precisely 5:30 a.m., the Normandy motorway will return to its classic configuration in the province-Paris direction. However, you will have to wait a few more days for motorists to be able to resume the A13 normally from the Saint-Cloud bridge. This will only happen next week. The press release of the Prefecture of 92 indicates that "the total reopening of the A13 motorway would take place in both directions of traffic from' ;nbsp;Monday June 24, 2024 at the end of the day."

After two months of hassle and endless traffic jams, users of this portion of the highway – Also widely used by Parisians when they go to Normandy – will be able to breathe. The work to repair the fault and stabilize the retaining wall will therefore have taken over a long time. two months. It was a long time for the Ile-de-France residents who will soon have to face the threat of violence. another problem on the road: that linked to the 2024 Olympic Games.


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