The age of Jarusia from “Chłopaki do tak” (“Boys to Take”) is already known. This may surprise you


It is often the case that distinctive appearance and behavior can make it very difficult to judge a person's age.

 We already know Jarusia's age from

Genetic predisposition aside, many people just don't look real age, and their surroundings judge them to be much younger.

How old is Jaruś?

Post from Jarosław Mergner (@jarek_mergner_official)

Most likely production of” Chłopaki available “did not foresee the fact that the gentlemen presented in the program would be often undefined in terms of age.

This was the case, for example, with Bandit, who would not be assigned 41 years in the birth certificate, but Jaruś is an even better example of the fact that his characteristic appearance and specific behavior rejuvenate him.

Anyone who follows the fate Jarosław Mergner knows that he began to dynamically develop his profiles on social media. His YouTube channel is very popular, so perhaps the protagonist of “Chłopaki do wzie” (“Chłopaki do tak” (“Boys to Take”) started to master the TikTok platform.

@jarusjestnajlepszy # covid19 #jaruspiejsia #dobre #Rady #jarusia ♬ original sound – Jarosław Mergner

There, he more and more willingly interacts with viewers and sympathizers who visit his profile very often during live broadcasts to exchange a few words with him.

@jarusjestnajlepszy #jarus #chlopakidowziecia #dezodorant #legancki ♬ original sound – Jarosław Mergner

As reported by the media, and Jarosław confirmed, he has recently got married and his relationship is doing great despite media rumors. His saying that something is “legendary” went down in history in circles interested in the fate of the protagonist in the program. Few would suppose that the man is already 38 years old.


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