The amount of the property of Adam Małysz has come to light. Whether the former jumper does not have to worry about the future


What property does Adam Małysz have?

 The amount of Adam Małysz's property has come to light. Does the former jumper need to worry about the future?

As the portal” Pomponik “reminds us, Adam Małysz though He has been retired from sports for several years now, so his recognition continues. Journalists decided to take a look at the property of the former jumper and check whether “Orzeł z Wisła” can be carefree during his sports retirement. Check it out!

This is how Małysz's adventure with jumping began

Adam Małysz had his first contact with the hill when he was 6 years old. He liked this discipline so much that he decided to devote himself to it. Of course, he attended school at the same time, where he acquired the profession of a tinsmith and roofer. He made his World Cup debut on January 4, 1995.

However, he had to wait for his successes. The best streak of his career began in the 2000/2001 season. It was then that he won his first Four Hills Tournament. He has not only this trophy to his credit. He reached for the Crystal Ball four times, won four medals at the World Championships, and also Olympic rings.

Ultimately, Adam Małysz's career ended in 2011. Later he devoted himself to another passion, which was car racing. However, his love of jumping made him decide to return to the sport, albeit now as director of the national ski jumping and nordic combined teams.

Małysz's estate

Sports successes were also associated with a lot of money. These came not only from competitions, but also from sponsors who were eagerly hiring Małysz. Currently, it is estimated that the former jumper's fortune is PLN 80 million.

He can still count on money related to advertising contracts – incl. with Red Bull. Małysz has two houses, both of which are located in Wisła.

Did you expect Małysz's fortune to be so large?


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