The Ancient Minute – Rereading Seneca

You have to discover the new translation of the Stoic thinker to measure the modernity of his philosophical advice which reveals the secret of happiness to us.

The ancient minute – Re-reading Seneca

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La minute antique – Reread Seneca

“The shortest and most restless life befalls those who forget their past, neglect their present, dread the future: when the last extremity has come, these unfortunate people understand too late that they thought all the time, when they were doing nothing, that they had been busy. » Cruel Seneca, recalling in a cutting style truths which one would prefer not to see. Stunning Seneca too, caught as in the net of a retiarius in the contradictions of his own life: professing wisdom, but preceptor of the despotic Nero; inviting his peers to “drop anchor” in “a quieter port”, but living his exile in Corsica so badly, where he believed himself “buried ”. The new edition of De la brevité de la vie, in a translation by Xavier Bordes, offers for only 3 €

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