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The Apple product that your home is terribly missing (or not) is finally in the pipeline

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If you have a connected home that relies on the Google ecosystem, the Mountain View firm offers the Nest Hub screen which, in addition to integrating Google Assistant, has a screen to entertain you, and to control your connected devices. Likewise, if you use the Amazon ecosystem, it offers the Echo Show screen, which offers similar features. However, there is currently no equivalent product from Apple.

But the good news is that the company is already working on a brand new product, which would be a sort of HomePod speaker with a screen. It's important to note that rumors have been circulating about this upcoming Apple home product for a while. However, signs have recently suggested that this project is progressing well. For example, in an article published this week, the MacRumors site indicates that it has discovered elements in Apple's code that could refer to the new connected home device.

This reference (“HomeAccessory17,1”) indeed suggests that Apple could prepare the launch of a product similar to the HomePod speaker (“AudioAccessory”), but with a different form factor. Otherwise, the clues discovered by MacRumors would also suggest that this new product could use an operating system close to that of Apple TV. Previously, the site had also discovered that Apple could be working on a new operating system called “homeOS”.

Apple Intelligence for home ?

For the moment, caution remains in order, since this information does not come from 'an official source. However, if Apple launches this product, it is possible that it will also allow the use of Apple Intelligence. Indeed, according to MacRumors, it is possible that Apple's connected screen uses the same processor as the future iPhone 16, which will be released this fall.

As a reminder, Apple Intelligence is the series of features based on generative AI that Apple presented at its WWDC conference in June. Apple Intelligence also provides faster access to ChatGPT. And it will be available in beta from this fall (in English). However, when it comes to smartphones, Apple Intelligence is only compatible with the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max. Due to hardware limitations, Apple's new AI features will not be available on other models.

  • Currently, Apple does not offer a connected screen for the home, like Google's Nest Hub or Amazon's Echo Show
  • These screens are, however, more practical than simple ones speakers, like HomePod, to control connected screens in the home
  • But Apple is reportedly preparing a similar product and recently, MacRumors discovered a possible reference to this future product in the Cupertino company's code
  • In addition, clues suggest that this connected display could support Apple Intelligence
  • Introduced in June and available starting this fall, this is a series of features based on generative AI for Apple products

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