The Apple Watch Series 8 saves its owner from a terrible car accident

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A Redditor tells how his Apple Watch Series 8 called for help during a terrible car accident.

Apple Watch Series 8 saves its owner from a terrible car accident

Crash detection has had some hiccups lately – by accidentally triggering on roller coasters. But stories of lives saved by the feature are also growing, showing its relevance and usefulness to users.

On Reddit, a user, Carnivoroustaco, recounts how the watch immediately called for help when his car had just crashed into a pole, after a tire exploded. Fortunately, the Accident Detection feature was active by default on his watch (this is also the case on the second generation Apple Watch SE).

Apple Accident Detection Watch can really make a difference

Carnivoroustaco says: “a tire explodes and I hit a telephone pole at about 70 km/h. Suddenly I have my head against the steering wheel, the car honks continuously, and smoke comes out of the car. It was then that I felt a little haptic feedback that told me that the watch was calling for help, he recalls.

He continues: “I was really in the middle of nowhere so really if the watch hadn’t done the right thing I could have been stuck there for a while. But the next thing I remember is being rushed to the hospital. I had an orbital fracture and three broken ribs. My face showed more blood than skin, and my hands were flecked with blood and glass. BUT, I'm alive”.

User then thanks Apple: “Thanks Apple. I'm sure I would have been found eventually, but there's no doubt that the S8 sped things up. And for the rest, check your tires carefully. Ride safe my friends. Your wishes for recovery mean a lot to me. And if you have the latest watches, keep accident detection active!

We learn that later the customer shared his email story with Tim Cook. The manager replied only a few hours later. Tim Cook wished him a speedy recovery, while pointing out that it was accidents like this that prompted Apple to implement the feature.

As we said, if you have a Apple Watch Series 8 or a 2nd generation Apple Watch SE, you don't actually have to do anything since accident detection is active by default. Apple has also opted to bring the feature to its latest iPhone 14s as well, which should allow many more users to be covered by crash detection.


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