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The applications that promote savings, the ones that grow the most

The applications that promote savings, those that grow the most

The latest results of the SFIx and IGMobile indices of Smartme Analytics, which quarterly analyzes the performance and digital evolution of more than 260 playersfrom 12 sectors through the continuous monitoring of consumers, show that in the first quarter of 2022, marked by the general rise in prices, the use of applications aimed at saving such as Waylet, Goin, Fanno or TooGoodToGo stands out.&nbsp ;

According to Smartme's ranking SFIx, which identifies the digital services that are growing the most in the population, Waylet, the appapp that has grown the most in this period. They are followed by: Upday, a news aggregator; Elparking, application for parking payment; Goin, fintechsavings for people without investment knowledge, and Fanno, marketplacewith offers and prices from the Chinese group that owns TikTok. By user share, the IGMobile index makes it possible to measure the digital market of each sector and the distribution between the companies that compete to gain market share. It notes the increase in the number of users of communication services such as calls, WhatsApp and Telegram instant messaging, mail and SMS. Banking, ecommerce, telco, transport and travel applications also continue to expand their market share. On the contrary, in the first quarter of 2022 the use of the categories of games, fashion, restaurants & delivery, social networks and streaming platforms such as Netflix. 

In search of savings

The case of the Waylet application stands out in the analyzed period, which is not only the one that grows the most in our country, but it is also the one in the transport sector that accumulates the highest share of users, already reaching to 31% of users, also growing by 17.4% compared to the same period of the previous year. Your position is Away from the next competitor, Moovit with an 11.9% share of the sector, and above some of the most popular apps such as Cabify (11.5% share of the sector) and Uber (11.1%). 

This trend coincides in a large number of sectors such as banking, led by Goin, the application designed to facilitate the task of personal savings, and which is the fastest growing financial service in the world. the first quarter of 2022. As for food delivery (restaurants & delivery), TooGoodToGo stands out, a tool to avoid food waste and to be able to acquire it at very competitive prices. In the ecommerce sector, Fanno, from the owners of TikTok, is a new actor that has been introduced with an aggressive entry offer, and is already positioned as the one that grows the most. 

Ups and downs

In terms of use, telcos manage to promote self-management and DIY with a 2.1% growth of functional solutions such as MiMovistar, which experiences an increase of 12.5% ​​over its user base or MiVodafone with 6.6%. Also other sectors such as travel, where Booking grew by 11.9%, or communication, with Telegram increasing its user share by 2.4%, and Outlook, which rose by 6.5%.

On the contrary, during this first quarter there was a slight reduction in the use of applications related to entertainment such as social media (-0.5%), streaming platforms (-0.2%) and games (-0.1%). Particularly noteworthy is the case of Netflix, which is the application that falls the most in the sector with a 3.8% decrease in its user share. 

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