The Apprentices 5: Simon Castaldi reacts to the relentlessness suffered by Giuseppa

The Apprentices 5: Simon Castaldi reacts to the relentlessness suffered by Giuseppa

Since the beginning of the broadcast of Apprentis Aventuriers 5, Giuseppa has been strongly criticized by Internet users. A relentlessness that does not endorse his ex, Simon Castaldi. He spoke about it in an Instagram story.

The broadcast of Apprentis Aventuriers 5 is in full swing on W9. And several candidates have already been noticed. In particular Giuseppa, who forms the blue team with his darling Paga. But his behavior irritated more than one, both in the adventure and among the viewers. Oftenangry, tired and execrable, the young woman often attracts the wrath of other adventurers, especially her buddy. So much so that the couple faltered on several occasions, giving way to numerous disputes. A behavior that earned Giuseppamany reviews on the web. And the pretty brunette recently confessed that she agreed with these criticisms from Internet users. Going as far as apologizing on his social networks.

Unfortunately, Giuseppa's apologies do not seem to have calmed Internet users who remain very annoyed by his behavior on the show. And against all odds, a candidate quickly eliminated from the adventure wanted to stand up for him. It’s about her ex, Simon Castaldi. The two candidates had arather tumultuous love story before they each got into a relationship with Paga and Adixia. But the young man still wanted to express his feelings about the relentlessness suffered by Giuseppa. It was during a question and answer session on his Instagram account that he spoke. “I think it’s wrong”, he begins by explaining. Before confiding that he too has suffered harassment and harassment in the past.

Simon Castaldi defends Giuseppa

“Nobody deserves to suffer a harassment”, says Simon Castaldi in his Instagram story. With their stormy past, we could not expect the young man to come to the defense of his ex Giuseppa. And yet! He continues: “I lived through relentlessness. That’s not cool. Especially when you don't deserve it. Well, no one deserves it, but especially when there aren't really any valid reasons. So I'm against it. That is clear. Giuseppa also spoke about his behaviour in Les Apprentis Aventuriers. Now Simon has reacted. Who will be the next candidate to talk about it? And will the critics around the darling of Paga eventually subside?

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