The Apprentices 5: “we were harassed, because we were execrable”, Maeva and Giuseppa swing

The Apprentices 5: “we were harassed, because we were execrable”, Maeva and Giuseppa sway

Giuseppa has been the target of harassment on social media since his participation in Apprentis Aventuriers. Fortunately, Maeva Ghennam is there.

Viewers don't forgive any of your missteps. Giuseppa will not say otherwise. Since the broadcast of Apprentis Aventuries on W9, the tempestuous character of the young woman annoys. How does it feel when the whole web is falling on you? Undoubtedly misunderstood. Nevertheless, the candidate can count on the support of her peers. After her ex Simon Castaldi, it is Maeva Ghennam who comes to the aid of Giuseppa. Herself experienced in online harassment, the Marseillaise is always there for her friend.

The basic comfort of the Thai beach got the better of Giuseppa's nerves. The blue team made up of Giuseppa and his darling Paga has shown itself on edge from the first episodes. On social networks, the couple seems to be radiant. A decoy? Many arguments exploded between the lovers during the episodes and it’s Giuseppa who attracted the wrath of Twitter. Angry, execrable or odious, which is how it is perceived by many viewers. Also, the contestant's latest strategy against the El Himer twins hasn't helped make her any more likeable in people's eyes. If Giuseppa recently expressed himself on his social networks, his explanations apparently were not enough to calm his harassers.

Maeva Ghennam to the aid of Giuseppa

Giuseppa definitely needs help someone who will truly understand what she is going through. Maeva Ghennam gets up to be the friend she can lean on. Indeed, during her own participation in Moundir and the Apprentis Aventuriers, she was the one who was in the eye of the storm. In his Instagram story of Saturday June 11, 2022, Giuseppa shares his reunion with the Marseillaise. The opportunity for her to solicit the support of her comrade. The two young women admit to having been detestable in their respective seasons. Giuseppa asks Maeva to come to his defense. “Tell them I'm not hateful, not hysterical” she said. What Maeva acquiesces rather twice than once. The pretty Giuseppa can in any case count on her new family in Marseille in all circumstances.

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