The Ark: first images for the deadly space conquest series

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Syfy has unveiled the first photos of its new Dean Devlin-directed sci-fi series, The Ark.

In an increasingly competitive specialty television market, Syfy has long since lost credibility. The channel, specializing in fantasy and science fiction, has not offered quality content for The Expanse (bought by Amazon). It has since alternated between quickly forgotten commands and real failures not assumed like Krypton…

Consequently, the upcoming arrival of The Ark has something to intrigue if not to make the public salivate. Supervised by Independence Day screenwriter, Dean Devlin (well, not necessarily a great reference, it is true) and Jonathan Glassner, co-creator of Stargate Sg-1, The Ark will take us one hundred years into the future, to the far reaches of the galaxy, aboard a sinking ship.

Everyone knows this since Alien, in space no one can hear us scream. A motto that should apply to the crew of The Ark One, a ship that set out to explore strange new worlds, but suffered serious damage along the way. As the corpses pile up, the survivors will have to unite to overcome the many obstacles while it will take them at least a year to achieve their goal. No, they will not receive help from the Federation…

For the moment, four photos have leaked. They give a slight insight into the artistic direction of the whole thing. The most impressive shows a few members, still alive, walking down a corridor strewn with bodies. Another focuses on a young woman screaming at the top of her lungs as her helmet cracks. It remains to be seen how the staging will frame this type of situation and whether the director will manage to distill the necessary unease in the face of such a moment.

Casting level, Christie Burke will take on the role of Captain Sharon Garnet. Joining him will be Richard Fleeshman, Reece Ritchie, Stacey Read and Ryan Adams, not to mention a few recurring appearances. Actors and actresses are expected to provide a convincing interpretation given the crisis that their characters will have to manage.

In addition, if the creators seem to attribute hard science aspects to the image of Gravity or Interstellar, they would like to draw inspiration in terms of narrative tension from the inevitable Alien, but also of Event Horizon. Verdict in 2023.

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