The astonishing accuracy of predictions from many decades ago. Some of them will raise the pressure of women

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Nothing intrigues predictions more than their astonishing accuracy.

 The astonishing accuracy of predictions from decades ago. Some of them will put pressure on women

Many seers who operated around the world, especially in America, predicted how people would live in the 21st century decades ago. Many of these visions have been fulfilled with astonishing precision, which may now confuse many scientists who judge the world through the prism of a literary glass and eye.

Women supported by men, a total ban on alcohol and newspapers read on screens

As it turns out, some rather sad and gloomy facts are foreseen, which are our everyday life today, such as abandoning confidence in our own intuition and the whispers of our inner voice. Instead, we started to rely on people widely recognized as authorities, such as medics, scientists and professors of world-renowned universities. Meanwhile, our Aida urges us to trust our intuition, which we have been used to ignoring for decades.

As reported by radio Zet, in 1923 “Ilustrowany Kurier Codzienny” published comments of American clairvoyants on their ideas about the appearance of the world a century later. As it turns out, specialists from various industries were able to predict with surprising precision how humanity will live and change by then.

David Wark Griffith was a famous ruler of cinematography. He stated that 2022 would bring with it all books and newspapers placed on screens, and that paper forms would disappear completely over time.

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Additionally, he stated that there will be schools in the form of cinema, which can be interpreted as any webinars, online training and remote learning. Someone else said that men will begin to strongly support women in their professional development, willing to help with numerous household activities and household chores. It was supposed to make their everyday life easier for women.

As reported by the portal & ldquo; Ż & rdquo ;: Marian Lichtman plunges the widow of Krzysztof Krawczyk. The matter is clear. “It cannot be that Ewa is full of luxuries”

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