The auditor General of Ontario will appreciate the plan of the conservatives on climate change (PHOTO)

Генеральный аудитор Онтарио оценит план консерваторов по климатическому изменению (ФОТО)

The auditor General of Ontario assess the government’s plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in its annual report, which will be published on Wednesday.

This is one of the 19 areas in which the office of Bonnie Lisik spent in this year’s audit of value for money and quality.

The progressive conservative government abolished the system of cap-and-trade Ontario to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases after last year’s election, and introduced its own environmental plan.

The section of the report of the auditor on climate change, will be considered the question of whether the government has reliable information to develop their reduction plans and whether these plans achieve their targets.

In the report the evaluation will also assess various areas of the judicial system, including prisons and detention centers, criminal courts, services, family courts, judicial operation.

Other topics include cybersecurity in the lottery and gaming Ontario areas, as well as food, including to homes long-term care.

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