The author of the hit about Bayraktar released a new song

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The author of the hit about Bayraktar has released a new song

The author of the song is sure that accurate, confident artillery strikes are a direct reflection of the spirit of our people.

Ukrainian musician Taras Borovok, who previously created the military hit Bayraktar, pleased his fans with a new composition. He released a track called My Artillery. The video was published on YouTube of the Ground Forces of Ukraine.

The premiere of the video is dedicated to the Day of Rocket Forces and Artillery. It shows the everyday life of Ukrainian artillerymen, heroically holding the line.

“Defeat us – khibna theory, remage – our history! The empire has been cursed in Dima, my artillery will be the occupier!” says the song.

Recall that earlier Borovok pleased the fans with a new song called Land Forces of Ukraine.

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