The banknotes and coins in our wallets may be worth more than their face value. What you should pay attention to


These coins and bills are quite a bit worthwhile.

 The notes and coins in our wallets may be worth more than their face value. What to watch out for

< p>According to the Spiders Web portal, many coins and banknotes are worth more than their face value. It turns out that sometimes before spending money in a store, it is better to have a close look at them, because selling them to a collector may turn out to be a much better deal. What should you pay attention to?

These banknotes are worth a lot!

The fact that a given banknote is worth more than its face value indicates is determined by including their serial number. The most desirable by collectors are those numbers that contain a sequence of consecutive digits, e.g. 1234567, including those in reverse order, e.g. 8765432.

It turns out that collectors are able to pay a lot for such items. At auctions, banknotes with such numbers can reach a price of even several thousand zlotys. Among the desired serial numbers are also such as: 1234321, 1134311, 8175718.

Banknotes whose serial numbers consist of the same sequence of digits are also desired by collectors (e.g. 7777777, 9999999). We will also get a lot for serial numbers with as many zeros as possible.

What else matters?

It's not just the serial number that matters. The series is also important, as it takes the form of two letters on the banknotes. Of course, the most desirable series are those consisting of two letters of the same type (eg AA, BB). Collectors are also looking for YA and ZA combinations.

In the case of coins, the so-called destructive. These are errors that occur when minting a coin. Coins from the People's Republic of Poland may also turn out to be valuable. Collectors are looking for, among other things, a 5-zloty coin with the image of a fisherman, which was minted in 1958. This coin at the auction reached the value of PLN 9.5 thousand!

 Banknotes and coins in our wallets may be worth more than their face value. What should you pay attention to

Have you come across such an unusual banknote or coin?


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