The Barça and the Bayern play the leadership of the feminine Champions in the Camp Nou

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    Barça and Bayern play for the leadership of the women's Champions League at the Camp Nou

The Barça and the Bayern Munich meet this Thursday (6:45 p.m.) at the Camp Nou with the leadership of group D of the Women's Champions League at stake. Both teams have won the two previous games. It remains to be seen if the stadium will fill up again or not. Until yesterday some 60,000 tickets had been sold.

Both teams enter the clash as group leaders after beating Benfica and Rosengärd in the first two games.. The Catalans endorsed a great rout against the Portuguese (9-0) and attacked Malmö IP, stronghold of the Swedes (1-4).

The German team, located in third position in the Bundesliga , had to overcome Natalia Arroyo's Real Sociedad in a previous tie to play the competition (4-1 on aggregate) and is the main threat for the team led by Jonatan Giráldez, although the Catalans are still favorites to finish in first position.


This will be This will be the third time that Barça will play the match. A match of the highest continental competition was played at the Camp Nou, after opening on March 30, 2021 against Real Madrid (5-2) and repeated against Wolfsburgo strong>(5-1) a month later, in the second leg of the quarterfinals and the first leg of the semifinals, respectively.

Beyond this, it was a good day. of the two victories, which allowed Barça to reach the final in Turin, the great novelty in both matches was the entrance, since it was beaten by I set the world record attendance at a women's soccer match with 91,553 and 91,648 spectators.

Impressions de Giráldez y Guijarro

Jonatan Giráldez highlighted the fact that at the press conference prior to the match Bayern's inner game. “They have the capacity to accumulate many players on the inside and are very vertical in attack. We will see a different game than in the preseason,” said the player. the technician. In that preparation friendly, played on August 16, the Germans won by the minimum (1-2).

Patri GuijarroHe has declared that this is one of the “most important” weeks and ensures that the dressing room is ready. Prepared for the demands of the competition. “An intense week begins, but it's what we like. This competitive rhythm is what motivates us,” revealed Alejandro. the Balearic soccer player Next Sunday, in the Liga F, the azulgranas face Atlético de Madrid as leaders and a full of victories (9).

Ticket sales

Ticket sales for the duel between Barça and Bayern opened today. on November 13 exclusively for members, who could order up to four units with a 50% discount on each of them, with a price between €6; and €13. It should be remembered that members had free admission last year to the matches against Real Madrid and Wolfsburg. The price range for tickets for the general public in the match against Bayern is between 11€ and 26€.