The Barista Express Impress, the latest coffee maker from Sage

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The Barista Express Impress, the latest coffee maker from Sage

Sage Appliances has included in its product offer the new generation of The Barista Express (its best-selling espresso machine): The Barista Express Impress,well prepared to get a cup of coffee. professional style thanks to a dose optimization system, precise tamping and adjusted grinding. 

In the words of Rui Neves, business development manager of Sage for southern Europe “Thanks to the new The Barista Express Impress, and to the 4 key elements present in all Sage espresso machines, it is possible to enjoy different types of coffee in This new coffee maker achieves a perfect result through a simple experience with its new Impress disc system technology.”

The Barista Express, the classic coffee machine Espresso from Sage Appliances, has sold more than 2 million units globally. The new espresso combines the characteristics of The Barista Express with the technology that achieves optimal coffee preparation. 

Applied technology

The new Sage model introduces a new technology through its Impress disk system, which provides an intelligent dosageso that each dose of ground espresso supplied to the filter is calculated based on the previous grind, to the consumer's taste. It provides an ideal recommended dose of between 18 and 22 grams of coffee. freshly ground, achieving the formula to obtain good flavor. Automatically adjusts the dose when the barista changes the grind setting or wants to make a fresher coffee. different. These precision settings achieve a rich, balanced flavor. The system also ensures that the coffee beans Espresso reach the center of the filter basket before tamping, which promotes even distribution, essential for optimal extraction.

It also incorporates a new “assisted tamping” with a 7º turn tamp lever, just like the pros. Turning the tamper automatically polishes the surface of the disc, removing excess espresso grind to reduce waste.

As Rui Neves reports: “Its the most modern , complete and spectacularfrom the range of espresso machines from Sage, thus redefining the experience at home of the Third Wave of coffee. In short, and from the perspective of the brand, this machine solves two of the biggest challenges for those who prepare an espresso at home: achieving a precise and consistent dose and reduce waste. Its technology automatically adjusts the dose based on the previous grinding, while allowing manual control if necessary. is preferred. 

Outstanding technical aspects

It is, as Rui Neves points out, “the first coffee machine in the world. Sage Appliances hand-assisted espresso machine, allowing consumers to become baristas in their own home. Its intelligent dosing Impress puck system ensures that every shot of ground espresso that goes into the filter basket is calculated based on its previous grinding, just as the consumer likes it. The The system automatically adjusts the dose and also includes “Assisted tamping” with a professional-style lever”.


The new Impress disc system allows for proper tamping in a simple way and also, as Rui Neves points out: “ towards the ideal dose and will reduce the waste. This new technology makes it easier to obtain the best coffee. in his own house. This machine is also ideal for coffee drinkers. more advanced, since it allows the user to use the manual mode if he prefers”.


In the words of Pablo Caballero, founder of Hola Coffee, the advantages, compared to a conventional coffee machine. manual espresso are that: “Offers more intuitive control when brewing. Thanks to the Impress Puck system and assisted tamping, it maintains the barista (manual) feel while still ensuring the best quality (less hassle, less mess).

This will not only improve the uniformity and compactness of the coffee; not ground for perfect extraction, but will also read if the amount of coffee ground is enough or if you need a little more or a little less. In this way, the machine recalculates the amount of coffee. ground so that next time we will have a coffee again. perfect”.

Summary of characteristics

Information on the dose of coffee. through a matrix of LEDs, which reports the perfect dose

54 mm stainless steel filter holder

Thermocoil heating system

Control PID temperature control

Precision conical milling cutters

250 ​​gram grain hopper

2 liter water tank

High-pressure manual steam wand to prepare milk with a micro-foam texture

Hot water outlet

Automatic tamping of 10 kg and barista turning of 7º

Low pressure pre-infusion process and high pressure extraction (9 bar) using a 15 bar Italian pump

Stainless steel


The Barista Express Impress by Sage has a retail price of 830 euros.