The Bas-Saint-Laurent, always a popular place for travelers


Le Bas- Saint-Laurent, always a place popular with travelers

Traffic in Bas-Saint-Laurent is as high as in the past two years, when records were broken (archives).

< p class="e-p">Unlike the Gaspésie and the Côte-Nord, the Bas-Saint-Laurent is still popular with tourists this summer, according to people in the industry. Traffic would be as high as in the last two years, when records had been broken.

The tourist season is in full swing in Bas-Saint-Laurent and tourists are at the rendezvous.

The last two tourist seasons, marked by the pandemic, have allowed Quebecers to rediscover the region, says Tourisme Bas-Saint-Laurent. This year, no signs of slowing down. Bas-Saint-Laurent seems to be as popular as ever, says Tourism Bas-Saint-Laurent communications manager Karine Lebel.

Tourists are staying longer in the region, according to Ms. Lebel. In recent years, stays have increased from two to four nights on average per traveler.

For its part, the Site historique maritime de la Pointe-au-Père has returned to a pre-pandemic level of traffic, explains the head of marketing and communications at the Site de la Pointe-au-Père, Martin Debofle. Currently, more than 1200 people visit the site every day. The lifting of health measures and the return of foreign travelers have a lot to do with it.

With the pandemic, we were limited by the constraints of family bubbles and distancing. We had finished the season around 60,000 visitors. […] There, it is certain that without these constraints, even if we continue to be careful on our side, we can welcome a lot more people, he concludes.

In 2022, the organization hopes to attract 80,000 visitors, its level before the start of the pandemic.

This summer, the number of visitors has already increased by 20% compared to 2021, according to Mr. Debofle.

If the trend continues, the organization expects to beat the traffic of 2019, the second best year in the history of the site.

At Camping Rimouski, available places are scarce. July is a great month, according to management.

However, unlike the past two years, the start of the season was more difficult. The price of gasoline in late May and early June and the temperature at the same time meant that we didn't have many people in tents. It wasn't a good start, but there's nothing to complain about, says Camping Rimouski owner Michel Chicoine.

Michel Chicoine explains that the number of people from Bas-Saint-Laurent is higher than usual at Camping Rimouski.

The owner also notes the decrease in the number of foreign travelers on the site. People are still going camping, but instead of going 300 km, they are going to go 100 km. It costs less gas, they get there faster and get home faster, he says.

Mr. Chicoine adds that the number of people from Bas-Saint-Laurent camping on his site is higher than usual.

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