The battle of the clans: Sarah Lopez and Tom Brusse reunited on the show?


The battle of the clans: Sarah Lopez and Tom Brusse reunited on the show?

Will Sarah Lopez and Tom Brusse meet on the set of The Battle of the Clans? New information has just fallen. And we let you discover them here.

In 10 Perfect Couples 5, Sarah Lopez and Tom Brusse got together. If their relationship was going pretty well, there was a break towards the end of the adventure and they separated. But love being stronger than anything, they got back together and came out more in love than ever with the show made in TFX. Right after the shooting, everything was going for the best between Sarah Lopezand Tom Brusse. They even planned to live together. And while the young woman was looking for a cozy little nest, Tom went to Secret Story Spain as a guest. Before landing in the world of French reality TV, the young man was already known in Spain.

And not even 24 hours after his arrival in La Maison des Secrets,< strong> Tom Brusse approached a candidate named Sara… Between them, it was love at first sight! Powerless in the face of the situation, Sarah Lopez was just a spectator of what was happening. And during a prime, live, Tom Brusse wanted to talk to her. He then left Sarah Lopez in front of thousands of viewers before getting into a relationship with Sara. Images which have been relayed on social networks and which have shocked French Internet users. Once he got out of The House of Secrets, Tom contacted Sarah Lopez to apologize and let her know he was sorry. But the humiliation was so strong that for the beautiful brunette, there would be no second chance.

Tom Brusse in the cast of The Battle of the Clans?

For Sarah Lopez, this breakup was very difficult to overcome. But thanks to her family, her friends and Internet users, she managed to climb the slope. And currently, she is on the set of The Battle of the Clans where everything is going for the best. And there are rumors that Sarah Lopez wouldn't want Tom Brusse on the show. Curious, Internet users then asked blogger Jeff Lang 2 Vip if he had any information. And on his Instagram story, he wrote: “we'll talk about it in a few days”. Enough to let us understand that the two exes could well find themselves in this adventure!