The bear just wanted to cool off, but quickly regretted his decision


July 25, 2022, 15:01 | Animals

A pinniped jumped into a pond with nervous carp.

The bear just wanted to cool off, but quickly regretted it about his decision

A video appeared on the Internet in which a tickled bear jumped into a home pond to cool off. But he did not expect that someone in the pond would dare to fight him back, Ukr.Media informs.

The footage shows how the predator first drinks the water, and then decides to get into it completely. Initially, the decorative carp present in the water quickly float to the opposite side of the reservoir. At this time, the bear, who is exhausted from the heat, enjoys a cool bath.

However, his peace is quickly disturbed. Very nervous carp begin to let the beast know that it is not welcome here. The bear turns uncertainly and retreats to the edge of the pond. However, the brave fish are not going to give up, they swim up to the predator and bite it in the stomach and sides.

In the end, the bear runs away from the pond.

The video quickly went viral on social media and garnered thousands of comments:

  • "Wow. Too cute! And the fish was lucky that the bear was only hot and wanted to drink. :)";
  • "Poor bear, just wanted to calm down a bit";
  • "You can imagine what the fish was thinking" ;
  • "You can tell by his breathing that he is hot and wants to drink, the poor man was in such despair.

Later, the owner of the garden said that his pond often becomes the object of interest of a wide variety of animals. That's why I put the camera next to it.


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