The beginning of the reign of Charles III was not easy. The king had a big slip-up. The cameras captured everything

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The beginning of the reign of Charles III was not easy.

 The beginning of Charles III's reign was not easy. King had a big slip-up. The cameras registered everything

As reported by the portal” Pomponik “, King Charles III has had no easy days lately. The new British monarch takes a setback after a setback. It started with a mess on the table, which greatly irritated Karol. Now a lot of problems in the British ruler were caused by a broken paper. Everything was captured on recordings that are conquering the network.

King Charles III on the throne did not avoid mishaps

On September 8, Elizabeth II, who had been sitting on the British throne for 70 years, died. After her death, her eldest son, Karol, became king. Although it is said that Charles III is perfectly prepared for the role of a ruler, in the end he had the opportunity to observe his mother's rule for a long time, he did not avoid a series of mishaps in the first days of his reign.

Charles III officially took office on September 10. And it was during the signing of the Royal Proclamation that the first of the mishaps occurred. The event was broadcast by the BBC, making the gaffe of the new king want to see the whole world. Karol was balanced out by a pouch for writing utensils, which took up a lot of space on a small desk.

Internet users forgave the new ruler for this slight mishap, pointing out that the small size of the table actually made it much more suitable to eat a meal alone than to sign important documents.

King & oacute; l Karol didn't hide his irritation

Another slip-up of the new monarch also concerned writing tools. The situation took place in Belfast (Northern Ireland), where Charles was on Tuesday, September 13. The monarch was asked to enter the guest book at Hillsborough Castle.

The Pi & oacute; ro, given to the monarch, was unwilling to specifically collaborate. Ink began to pour out of it. The visibly annoyed monarch gave the beer to the queen spouse fiercely saying, “God, I hate it. I can't stand the damn thing! It happens every time!”.

Do you think this is the end of Charles III's mishaps?

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