The Bequeathed: The director of The Last Train to Busan is preparing a new Netflix series

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After Hellbound, Yeon Sang-Ho is preparing a new Netflix series, The Bequeathed, and we already know the synopsis.

Everyone agrees to say that Korean cinema is of an impressive quality and to recognize that the series of South Korea are exported better and better internationally. This, Netflix has understood this well, as evidenced by the quantity of Korean dramas broadcast on the platform and the series produced, such as the brilliant zombie series Kingdom, to name but one.

In 2021, fans of the Last Train to Busan were able to discover Hellbound < /strong>the lawless series on Netflix, the first series directed by Yeon Sang-Ho, the director of the hit film. Exploring our relationship to religious dogma, Hellbound was rather well received by the press and the public and therefore, Netflix has decided to call on Yeon Sang-Ho again for a new series: The Bequeathed, literally “the legacy”.

After Peninsula and The Cursed, the filmmaker returns with a series described by Deadline as a thriller drama that deals with a complex subject rooted in Korean culture, family cemeteries. Also according to the media, the series will focus on Yoon Seo-ha, a young woman who inherits a family plot after the death of her uncle and who finds herself at the heart of strange events that come to awaken family problems until then. buried.

The lead role went to Kim Hyun-joo, the lead actress of Hellbound. Actors Park Hee-soon (My Name), Park Byung-eun (Kingdom) will play two policemen and Ryu Kyung-soo (Hellbound, Les Bonnes ├ętoiles) plays Yoon Seo-ha's half-brother. While Yeon Sang-Ho officiates as creator and screenwriter, he leaves his place as director to Min Hong-nam, his assistant director on Last train for Busan, Psychokinesis and Peninsula.

The Bequeathed release date hasn't been revealed yet, but the series should arrive later season 2 of Hellbound, confirmed last September by Netflix.

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