The best inventions of 2020 named

The best inventions of 2020 named

The best inventions of 2020 named

Photo: TIME

Time's list of the best inventions of 2020 published

The main prize and the title of the best invention of the outgoing year went to the project of a compact device for diagnosing breast cancer.

One of the most famous magazines in the world, Time, has already begun summing up the results of 2020. The publication compiled a list of the top 100 inventions that appeared this year. A complete list of inventions, on Saturday, November 21, is published on the website of the publication.

Editors and journalists of the edition from all over the world took part in compiling the list. Applications for participation were accepted using a special online form, then each “applicant” was assessed according to a number of parameters, including originality, efficiency, impact on the industry.

On the site, publications are sorted by subject matter – ecology, health, gadgets, and others. The list includes vodka made from thin air, new game consoles, “living wall” and much more.

Some of the most notable inventions include a robot dog to combat loneliness, virtual reality goggles for training, a home planetarium, a smartphone charging dock with disinfectant function and a portable soap dish, a smart hive, an eco-friendly tube of toothpaste and technology that can be a catalyst. vaccines against covid-19.

Time's list includes many inventions that a mass user has hardly come across, but among the laureates there are also gadgets known to many. For example, two new-generation consoles fell into the entertainment category at once: Xbox Series S under the slogan “Big update for gamers” and PlayStation 5 – “Gaming revolution”.

The list also includes a jacket that protects the body from viruses and bacteria, a home brewery, a Samsung The Sero rotating TV that allows you to open social networks on a large screen, an electric stroller, a smart helmet that allows builders to talk and record videos, and also warns about hazardous materials nearby, the City Transformer two-seater miniature electric car accelerates to 88 km / h and takes up a quarter of the standard parking space and much more.

Recall that in Canada, VZYR Technologies has launched the production of helmets to protect against coronavirus.

In the United States, Texas resident Anika Chebrolu may have found an effective method to combat COVID-19.

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