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The best messaging apps in 2024

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You default to Messenger because you've never been interested in alternatives before? Trust us, it There are probably better solutions that we will present to you today.

Let's start at the beginning, and discover together what features are absolutely necessary for a messaging application to make it one of the best on the market.

The first thing to look for and the most essential thing which is of coursesecurity as well as confidentiality, under penalty of seeing your private life exposed for everyone to see, or your conversations held by a huge corporation.

You must therefore ensure that the app offers a high level of data security and end-to-end encryption to protect your conversations against privacy violations. Otherwise, to define whether a messaging application is good or not, we will look at its functionalities. Is it possible to video chat, is it available on all platforms? Do your friends and family already use the application? ;?

These are various elements with a clear and intuitive user interface that should be taken into account when choosing the messaging application that suits you best. Of course, it will always be better to integrate a messaging application that will already be used by most of your contacts, otherwise you will have to insist on trying to convert them .

However, getting grandma to change her habits is not easy, and the popularity of an application is often synonymous with ease in this sense.

Finally, the last essential point to take into account is the price. It sometimes happens that certain messaging services have paid premium features, even if generally, this kind of thing is reserved for professional messaging services.

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Probably the best known, most popular and most used in the world, WhatsApp has a user population of over 2 billion people. So there's a good chance that your friends and family are already using this app.

Of course, it is free, and its strength lies in the possibility of using it on Android, iOS, Mac, Windows and web browser. Knowing that WhatsApp is now owned by Meta (parent company of Facebook and Instagram in particular), the negative point of the application is probably its confidentiality and the risks inherent to private life.

The best messaging apps in 2024

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If you want to address the whole world (or almost) in a single message as well as share large files, you should use Telegram . Indeed, the strength of the application lies in the fact that it is possible to create group conversations with some 200,000 participants!

However, don't forget to enable Secret Chat features to take advantage of end-to-end encryption. So, Telegram can be the ideal solution to communicate with an impressive number of people, in case you are launching a crowdfunding project and want to inform everyone about the advancements for example.

Available on Android, iOS, Mac, Windows, Linux and web browser, Telegram is free, but also has a monthly subscription for those who would like to benefit from premium features.

Snapchat has always proposed an innovative concept of sending photos (renamed “Snap” for the occasion) having an ephemeral duration predefined by the user. It is obviously also possible to send videos and messages, with the same possibilities.

If a smart guy wants to take a screenshot of your snaps, you will be notified with a warning message. Be careful of stalking geniuses who prefer to activate video recording of their screen, for which no warning message will be sent. We will still appreciate the fact of being able to post stories, but also the fun aspect of the filters.

The best messaging apps in 2024

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The application of the Signal Foundation is seen as being the most secure of all. The messages sent are end-to-end encrypted with a particularly strict protocol.

Signal presents a very useful feature with his ephemeral messages. As soon as the messages in a conversation are read, they disappear. A real James Bond-style feature where messages end up self-destructing. It is also possible to choose a time limit for these messages to disappear.

Unfortunately, the app isn't the most popular, and chances are you'll have to convert your friends and family if you're going to use it with them. Some people might criticize the lack of customization offered by the application, which often goes to the essentials.

We will also appreciate its compatibility with Android, iOS, Mac, Windows, Linux and web browsers.

The best messaging apps in 2024

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Facebook Messenger allows you to contact a lot of people without necessarily having their telephone number. With almost 3 billion monthly active users, there is every chance that anyone in your family over the age of 30 will be accessible through Facebook's messaging service.

Rather practical for carrying out group conversations as well as video calls, it is possible to use the application on all platforms like WhatsApp.

Unfortunately, the privacy problem will be similar to the latter, to a point that Meta's decisions are accused of favoring child crime. Therefore, we can only advise you not to use Messenger to communicate sensitive data.

It is the default application on many Android smartphones , like the Google Pixel range. The appGoogle Messages revolutionized the way we send messages by moving from SMS to RCS (for Rich Communication Services).

A protocol which notably allows the facilitation of group messaging, the sharing of large files, read confirmation, the sending of GIFs, stickers, animations and reactions to messages, and more.

Integrated with multiple Google services, it facilitates life of users and also offers end-to-end encryption of messages. Google Messages is the best messaging application available on Android smartphones.

Discord has been thought of for players wishing to chat with each other using written or vocal features, offer a very practical channel system and particularly advanced audio settings.

Since then, Discord is used universally as one of the best messaging services out there, thus allowing you to stream, enjoy video and calls with low latency, the possibility of bringing together a community with its moderation tools, and its accessibility on Android, iOS, Mac, Windows, Linux and web browsers.

Also having a partnership with Sony, it is now possible to join channels and other discussion groups Discord on PS5, which is even more convenient for players. In short, Discord is an application to urgently discover for those who would like to join different communities in order to have exciting discussions.

If you work in a field where communication between employees is essential, there is a good chance that you are already familiar with using this messaging application.

Slack is an application dedicated to professionals which is among the most popular in the field. It offers automation bots to delegate repetitive tasks, can be used on all platforms, and offers every employee's favorite feature, personalized emojis.

There is still a major problem with Slack, the conversation history blocked behind the paid features of the application, that your employer will probably never pay.

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