The best movie premieres of July 2022 that you will be delighted with


    The best movie premieres of July 2022 that you'll love

    The summer season is always full of hot new movies . And although there are not so many of them during the war, they can still surprise you. The editors have selected the 5 most interesting premieres that you will soon see on the screens of cinemas.

    Masters of millions – funny and restless “Posipaki”, the last film with Sandra Bullock “The Lost City”, an Oscar-nominated comedy “The Worst Man in the World”, a superhero film about the god Thor – get ready for real and crazy emotions. Despite the war, we continue to live and take the best out of life, thanks to the Armed Forces of Ukraine!

    Minions: Becoming a Villain
    Release date: July 7

    In times of war, humor is a powerful weapon! According to the plot, the main character dreams of becoming a villain, but, of course, he is ridiculed, which pretty much suppresses him. However, Gru decides not to give up and steals a valuable medallion from the criminals. He wants to prove to the villains that he really is very nasty. His loyal minions will help him escape with the stolen valuables.

    Crazy neighbors. New stories
    Release date: July 7

    Crazy Neighbors will not only make Ukrainians happy, but will also inspire and support. Ukrainians will see their favorite heroes, but with new adventures and unchanged values: love, friendship and strong relationships. And new neighbors.

    “All the frenzied weddings have died down, but the frantic adventures in Yablonovka continue! Day or night, summer or winter – to mischief with a neighbor, there is always time, inspiration and fantasy. But “strangers” are not at all welcome here”, – reads the official synopsis for the film.

    Just another dream
    Release date: July 14

    According to the plot of the comedy “Just Another Dream”, a famous writer goes on tour to present a new novel, along with the guy from the cover of the publication, played by Channing Tatum. However, unexpected adventures happen during the trip: they are trying to steal them, they find themselves in the jungle, and later they find out that the city in which they are located – real.

    The worst person in the world
    Release date: July 14

    In the center of the plot – 30-year-old Julia, who meets a seductive young man at one of the parties. She has a successful boyfriend, but her career and dreams are not realized. With the hope of a better life, she dives headlong into love. However, will the new guy save the girl from old problems – find out after watching the tape.

    Thor: Love and Thunder
    Release date: July 21

    Superhero tape “Thor: Love and Thunder” will be included 4 phases of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. All events will take place after the decisive battle with Thanos. In one comment, director James Gunn admitted that the plot of Thor: Love and Thunder will retain the most dramatic part of the superhero comics. It was about Jane's cancer, which will force Thor to do everything to save the girl's life.


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