The best season in the history of the Tigres del Licey

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  • The best season in the history of the Tigres del Licey

    Juan Eduardo Thomas, Héctor J. Cruz, Ricardo Ravelo, Emilio Bonifacio and Ildefonso Ureña

For the president of the Licey, Ricardo Ravelo, this year has been the best season this team has had in its entire history

At least the ones he's observed, since he was a barely walking child in the late 1960s when he first began to walk. to attend the Quisqueya stadium by the hand of his parents Don Fernando Ravelo and Dona Lil Magaly Jana de Ravelo.

And immediately, the president of the Licey goes on to explain all the positive things that it happened This year around the Tigers, which finally culminated in the game. with the conquest of his crown 23.

 “For me this has been the best season the Licey has ever had in its entire history, this year has been great, several records were broken, they won all the individual awards, what more could we “Have waited,” he said. Ravelo, after talking with journalists Héctor J. Cruz, sports editor of Listín Diario and Pedro G. Briceño, writer at Café Deportivo  from this newspaper.

Immediately he passed the news. I was going to explain all the positive things that happened in my life. This year around the Tigers, which finally culminated in the game. with the conquest of his crown 23.

The first thing is that the team was always in the regular series between first and second place in the standing. culminated in with 34 victories, the most recorded in a six-team regular, surpassing their previous record when in 2005-06  they went 32-18.

They won all three series, regular, Round Robin and the final, as well as being successful in the particular series they played against each of the teams.

Also in the individual aspect, the Licey swept the competition. with all the awards and we only have to mention those obtained by Ronny Mauricio, Most Valuable Player; César Valdez, Pitcher of the Year; Most Outstanding Manager and Manager, José Offerman and Audo Vicente, as well as like Emilio Bonifacio, the most chivalrous.

The Licey reached the highest level. all despite the fact that at least 20 of his players were stopped from continuing to act by their major league franchises.

According to Ravelo, each time this happened they only sought to make an effort to continue forward. “The important thing was that the team did not diminish its quality”.

In that sense, he gave a lot of credit to manager Audo Vicente, who even on some occasions when they stopped one or the other player there was a mistake. The hiring was already there,” he said.

Ravelo acknowledges that in the past, the Licey has had good “trabucos” teams, mainly in the 70's and 80's, but this year was a special campaign.

And this is more in a time where executives don't know He asked at what point they will stop one or another player from continuing to act in the Major Leagues, in addition to the fact that in current baseball, general managers must prepare teams for at least three phases.

In the past It was not the same, for example when in the 70s and 80s, the Dodgers sent their best talent to the Licey, and they came for the entire season.

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