The Bikeriders: Jeff Nichols is back with an intriguing film and a terrific cast


Jeff Nichols, the director behind Midnight Special, returns with The Bikeriders, a new project with a (very) well-rounded cast.

Subscriber absent from film sets since his Loving in 2016, Jeff Nichols has since been kindly desired in Hollywood. Assigned to direct the third installment in the franchise A Quiet Place by John Krasinski himself (who had directed the first two), the filmmaker ultimately preferred to abandon the filmfor the benefit of another business. Untitled, but produced by Paramount, the project remains nebulous to this day; we only know that it will be a science fiction plot, and that it will probably postpone the serial remake of Alien Nation, which Jeff Nichols is in charge of in part for Disney .

However, it would seem that in the meantime, the filmmaker has another piece of footage up for grabs. Inspired by the life of photographer Danny Lyon and his novel The Bikeriders, the homonymous film would be, according to Deadline, in the pipes of the New Regency company since last spring. Script by Jeff Nichols obliges, several sympathetic names would have subsequently rushed to the doors in order to potentially join the adventure, and in view of the first casting revealed by Variety, the film should indeed benefit from a very nice bed of actors.

Sadly Underrated Midnight Special

Jodie Comer, dazzling in literally everything she does (but if we had to name just one project, it would of course be Killing Eve), Tom Hardy, which needs no introduction (especially since the needy diptych Venom< /strong>) and Austin Butler, new Hollywood darling since his inhabited performance in the earthy Elvis, will be featured on The Bikeriders.

And if he wasn't announced in the casting for the moment, it's a safe bet that Michael Shannon, who has systematically participated in each of the films of Nichols , will also be part of it. So beautiful people! At this time, the roles the actors will take on respectively are of course still unknown.

It's okay Tom, you'll be able to get your health back after Venom< /p>

The Bikeriders will tell, over a decade, the rise of a group of bikers in the Midwest of the 1960s. Narrated from the perspectives of different members of the group, the film's plot will chronicle how, over the years, it has grown from a refuge for a small group of local misfits to a far more dangerous gang, subsequently threatening ways of life. original participants.

Intriguing premises for future footage. We also suspect that Jeff Nichols' artistic touch and this five-star cast will give rise to a work as fascinating as the rest of the filmmaker's filmography. Now all we have to do is wait patiently to find out more. Time may be in the meantime to discover, or rediscover, the fascinating Mud – On the banks of the Mississippi, and Take Shelter.


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