The BMW M2 and the Alfa Romeo 4C compared on a wet track

BMW M2 и Alfa Romeo 4C сравнили на мокрой трассе

Wet road has its own characteristics. They often lead to additional risk, but with skill they can be nice to use it. British Youtube bloggers compared on a rainy track not only their skills, but also German approach to automobile production with the Italian.

At first glance, the chances of “alpha” no. She is much less power – 243 HP vs. 411 HP in the BMW. However, other parameters also have an impact: Italian coupe is much lighter: it weighs only 895 kg 1662 kg in “German”. The result is acceleration to 60 mph (96 km/h), the two cars are absolutely identical: 4.4 seconds!

In the first race 4C “made” M2: she started faster and kept traction for the entire length, especially the driver of the “emka” made the mistake of switching to second gear too early. On the second “round” the BMW driver turned traction control, but still did not succeed. The third attempt has been winning for BMW: it looks like the driver is “alpha” was wrong at the start.

Finally, the fourth race confirmed that the cars are very close in features, but their differences can lead to errors or favorable action, which the result can be very different.

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