The body of the Cap-des-Rosiers fisherman was found in Prince Edward Island

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The body of the fisherman from Cap-des-Rosiers was reportedly found on Prince-douard Island

Earlier this week, the Prince Edward Island Royal Canadian Mounted Police have been notified that a body was found by a walker on a beach. (File photo)

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The body of the fisherman who went missing in Cap-des-Rosiers in December was found in West Point, Prince Edward Island, according to his family.

Jacques Dunn, in his sixties, had been missing since December 30 after going mussel fishing on the banks of the Cap-des-Rosiers sector.< /p>

Earlier this week, the Prince Edward Island Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) were notified that a body had been found by a walker on a West Point beach.

Jacque Dunn's daughter, Isabelle Dunn, confirms that the body found is indeed that of her father.

 Wednesday morning, [the Sûreté du Québec] showed photos and me, my mother and my spouse, we were able to confirm that it was indeed him, she says.

Isabelle Dunn adds that the identification of the body could have been possible thanks in particular to the clothes that matched those of her father.

She explains that it would have been found in the ice, which who may have allowed the body to be preserved and the family to identify it. It's a miracle, she says.

Isabelle Dunn (left) and one of her friends at the time of the search in January. (File photo)

The identity of the body found has yet to be confirmed by the RCMP.

 The Major Crimes Unit is leading currently under investigation and then awaiting the coroner's report to see if they have made an identification, says RCMP Media Relations Officer Gavin Moore.

RCMP also says an autopsy is needed to determine the cause of death.

According to Isabelle Dunn, the coroner will however have to wait before being able to carry out the autopsy. Since he was in the ice, for the autopsy to be done, the body must thaw. They have to do it really gradually, so in the next few days, maybe early next week, they're going to start the autopsy. We are waiting for news, says Ms. Dunn.

Five days after the disappearance of Jacques Dunn, the Sûreté du Québec had suspended the search in the field.

 When the research was stopped, we really felt alone in the world, says Isabelle Dunn. There wasn't a day or a night when we didn't wait for the phone. It was a feeling that devoured us, it was really an ordeal.

Divers, all-terrain vehicles and a helicopter were mobilized to find the fisherman at the time of his disappearance. (File photo)

With the latest developments, Isabelle Dunn and her mother, Delia Smith, breathe a sigh of relief.

Since we found his body, we've been sleeping more peacefully for two nights […]. We are struggling, but we have less weight , admits Isabelle Dunn.

“My dad left in the winter and he's coming back to us in the spring. We're starting to see a bit of sunshine and blue skies in the nightmare we're living through and […] we'll finally be able to start mourning normally and quietly. »

— Isabelle Dunn, daughter of the missing fisherman

 My greatest pain was the fear of never finding him. But now that we know where he is, that weight is off our shoulders , continues Délia Smith.

Now, the Dunn family say they are in daily contact with the authorities police to follow the progress of the proceedings.

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The family of the fisherman missing in Cap-des-Rosiers does not give up

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